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Can emulsified asphalt equipment save energy?

Can emulsified asphalt equipment save energy?

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  As a special asphalt equipment, emulsified asphalt equipment has good performance. Its processing ability and qualifications affect the process of emulsified asphalt equipment. Can emulsified asphalt equipment save energy?
  Some manufacturers add an environmental protection device, latent heat recovery device, to the equipment they produce. Recycle heat to reduce energy consumption.
In the production process as a finished product, the outlet temperature of ordinary emulsified asphalt is mostly about 85 C, and that of emulsified modified asphalt is above 95 C.
  The latent heat in emulsified asphalt is not used by many emulsified asphalt equipment, but directly into the finished product tank. The heat is lost arbitrarily, resulting in energy waste.
  In the production process of emulsified asphalt equipment, water, as a raw material, needs to be heated from room temperature to about 55 C. The latent heat of emulsified asphalt is exchanged to feed water. It was found that after 5 tons of emulsified asphalt production, with the temperature of circulating water increasing gradually, the water used for production was recycled water, and the water did not need to be heated basically, and only from the energy side, the fuel would be saved by 1/2. Therefore, the use of emulsified asphalt equipment can achieve energy saving under the corresponding conditions.