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Shandong unique asphalt canned container exports to China and the United States. It is reasonable for foreign trade company salesmen to go all over Dezhou to choose us. We are high in price, but we are good at quality, so it is necessary to give reliability to foreign customers.   The unique emulsified asphalt equipment crosses the ocean and crosses the sea to the hot soil of Africa. Support the construction of Africa and create foreign exchange for the country.
25 tons / hour spraying quick setting emulsified asphalt production base turnkey project. It consists of asphalt storage tank, high-end emulsified asphalt equipment (imported colloid mill), spraying rapid solidification A component blending and other components.   An emulsified asphalt equipment base in Shenzhou, Hebei. Turn over key project of asphalt tank, heat transfer oil stove and emulsified asphalt equipment.

Site of oil tar pitch tank

  Vertical storage tank


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