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The DXT-1 asphalt de-barreling device developed by our company uses burners as the heating medium to heat, melt, de-barreling and dewater asphalt. It can ensure the quality of asphalt heating,which is featured by high thermal efficiency, fast de-barreling of asphalt, reduction of labor intensity and pollutions.
The heat transfer oil asphalt tank uses organic heat-carrying agent (heat transfer oil) as heat transfer medium, a coal-fired, gas-fired or oil-fired furnace as heat source, and utilizes forced circul
Emulsified Bitumen unit is the core part of the production of emulsified Bitumen, and is mainly for the production of more than 15T/h. The unit is mainly composed of colloid mill;
Combined equipment is a combination required for the production of emulsified Bitumen, including Bitumen and water heating; emulsion preparation; emulsion, Bitumen transportation measurement;
The crack filling machines are mainly hand-push type and self-propelled hand-operated crack filling pipe operation two types and adopt imported diesel burners for heating.
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